The best activities in Capdepera, Canyamel and northeast Mallorca

A holiday in Mallorca can be unforgettable if you choose the activities you are going to carry out. Whether you are looking for a family or adventure holiday, the northeast of the island has everything to offer. And so that you don’t miss anything, House Rentals has compiled for you the best activities in Capdepera, Canyamel and the surroundings of our estates.

What activities are there in Capdepera and Canyamel?

Cycling and hiking routes: Mallorca is an island full of breathtaking landscapes. And the best way to enjoy them is with the multitude of routes for cyclists and hikers that are at your disposal. If you are interested in walking and discovering the nature of the island, there are many routes of low, medium and high intensity that run along its coasts and mountains. Many of them will take you to the points of interest in the area, such as the Capdepera Lighthouse. In addition, many of these routes can also be done by bicycle, although there are others specifically designed for this purpose.

Visit the caves of Mallorca: one of the most popular activities at Capdepera and Canyamel is a visit to the caves of Artá. These caves are located on the coast, but are surrounded by mountains. So, with its 35 to 40 minute walk, you’ll walk through the heart of the mountain while observing its stalactites, stalagmites and caves.

Another option is the Drach caves. They are located in the beautiful town of Porto Cristo, and their great attraction is that they have a huge lake inside. This is Lake Martel, and is one of the world’s largest underground.

Enjoy the golf courses in the area: golf lovers will have plenty to choose from in this area. First of all, between Artá and Capdepera, you will find Capdepera Golf. An 18-hole course that is said to be one of the most complicated on Mallorca. It will be a challenge for the most experienced golfers. But those who want to learn, have it easy. The centre organises classes so that everyone can enjoy the course.

On the other hand, in Canyamel you will find Canyamel Golf. A course designed to impact as little as possible on the landscape of the area. It also has 18 holes, and even has a practice course to start in the world of golf.

Want to relax and enjoy the sun? Try the beaches in the area:

During your holidays in Mallorca, it is essential to plan a visit to Cala Ratjada. Here, you will have several dream beaches, such as Cala Gat. The views from the sands are spectacular, and the crystal clear waters seem to be drawn from a tropical island. Also, in the same area you will find Cala Agulla, another small beach that has the same characteristics.

And if you need more information about all the activities you can do in Capdepera and Canyamel, contact us. We will help you discover the activities you like best.