Ca´s Padri Vacation Home


This villa is located in Capdepera. From here, our guests have a great view of the castle, with a history that goes back to the ancient Romans. Back then the castle was appreciated for its strategic location. And strategically well located is the townhouse “Carrer Nou” too. For example, Cala Ratjada is just under 2.5 km away. In this small town, you will find an excellent nightlife with bars and restaurants as well as great shopping options. The city promenade is suitable for walks. However, the beautiful beaches are not far.


At a glance

Price info

Tourist tax

From 1 November to 30 April:

0,55€ per adult (person 16 years old or over) and per night.
If the stay is more than 8 nights, until the eighth night 0.55€ per adult is charged and from the ninth night 0.275€ per night is charged.

From 1 May to 31 October:

2,2€ per adult (person 16 years old or over) and per night.
If the stay is more than 8 nights, until the eighth night are charged € 2.2 per adult and from the ninth night are charged at € 1.1 per night.


About Capdepera

Worth knowing about the townhouse “Carrer Nou” and Capdepera.

Once it was said that all roads would lead to Rome. In Spain it is said: all roads lead to the number one holiday destination Mallorca.

Capdepera is a small, historic town on the northeast coast. Here you will find bays in their natural beauty.

However, if you not so much a beachgoer, you can admire all this beauty you don’t necessarily have to go to the beach. You can admire these idyllic places from the terrace of your house, the Villa “Carrer Nou”.

With the dark shutters closed, the townhouse “Carrer Nou” resembles a noble yacht.

The villa nestles harmoniously in the hilly terrain of Capdepera.

The house itself combines the classic style of Mallorca with a modern touch.

A beautiful combination of light and dark, a contrast, which gives the house a look of glamour.

In summer it is the fragrance of ripe lemons with a touch of the sea breeze, which brings many holidaymakers to the house; in winter it is the cosy brick fireplace next to the dining room, which keeps the entire house warm. After all, the winter in Mallorca is much milder than in Germany.

Generally, the house is designed to accommodate a group of people easily. Maybe not necessarily strangers, but friends or relatives who want to spend a holiday together in Mallorca.

There is enough room to retire at any time and enjoy a bit of privacy.

The seaside resort of Cala Ratjada is only 3 km away. Enjoy the idyllic harbour with countless bars and restaurants.

Breakfast is also available very close to the Villa:

In “NOU SEGLE” 12 Plaza de Lórient (600 meters from the Villa)

  • 10€ per Breakfast / Person.

Full breakfeast:

1 coffee and 1 juice, cheese, ham, cured ham, salami, salmón, quark with fruit, scrambled eggs (or fried/boiled egg) croissant and different bread rolls.